About Campaign Mapping

Campaign Mapping is a nonpartisan ongoing atlas, mapping domestic issues discussed by the 2016 US presidential candidates. We are charting American communities and the issues close to them alongside campaign statements, stump speeches, debate mentions, and press interviews. Along the way, we have asked a number of questions about how candidates speak to their party bases and how they court other voters. We are asking which "America" each candidate speaks to and represents, how their messages might change, and how each sees separate issues across the country.

With all the data available to us, voters should have more and better information than sound bytes, platitudes, and generalities. The atlas is not directly about holding politicians to account for the promises they make on the campaign trail. It does, however, seek to hold them accountable for what those statements mean in everyday terms for voters. Our goal is to specify the generalities, clarify the sound bytes, and make real-life meaning out of the platitudes.

Entries and images are offered with a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs license and are designed to be shared. 



About the Team

Campaign Mapping is a project of Office:MG. We are indebted to all the team members working on this project—a list which will only grow as the project continues.

Team Members

Through 2015, the project was generously supported by Office:MG is a strategy consulting firm based in Brooklyn, NY. There, the team included

Sara Aschheim
Christopher Dowd
Kendall Herman
Lukas Marble
Shraddha Ramani

Leah Meisterlin
Davey Gibian
Andrew Haimes