Mike Huckabee Is Running for President

"Washington is more dysfunctional than ever and has become so beholden to the donor class who fills the campaign coffers that it ignores the fact that one in four American families are paying more than half their income for housing. Homeownership is at the lowest level in decades, and young people with heavy student debt aren’t likely to afford their first home for a while. Our federal policies for affordable housing aren’t designed to protect families, but to protect bureaucrats."

On Tuesday, May 5, 2015 in Hope, AR
Sources: C-SPAN,  Ameriborn News 

The Context: Huckabee describes the relative costliness of homeownership as a systemic issue partially caused and partially exacerbated by policies ranging from campaign finance to the structure of antipoverty programs and income inequality to international trade agreements. Consistent themes throughout his announcement speech were the "dysfunctional" logics of government size and spending, its relationship with wealth and power, and its effects on American communities and workers.

Housing affordability is indeed a product of several intersecting issues, and the rates at which American households can afford their housing reflect this. Federal policy on affordable housing uses an income-based formula which states that one's housing is affordable if its monthly cost does not exceed 30% of the household's monthly income. With this in mind, we asked,

For whom is a lack of affordable housing a greater hurdle? And which parts of the country are most affected by this lack?