Chris Christie Is Running for President

"In New Jersey as governor I have stood up against economic calamity and unprecedented natural disaster. We have brought ourselves together. We have pushed back that economic calamity, and we are recovering from that natural disaster. That is because we have led and worked together to do it."

On Tuesday, June 30, 2015, in Livingston, NJ
Sources: C-Span, 

The Context: Christie's announcement is characterized by what he summarizes as "leadership" (including strength, decisiveness, and "telling it like it is") alongside an acknowledgment of Americans' "anxiety" regarding a simultaneous lack of this sort of leadership and a political unwillingness to compromise. This portion of Christie's speech is offered as evidence of what his leadership may accomplish. He describes New Jersey's "economic calamity" as its earlier eleven-billion-dollar deficit and history of tax increases. Beyond his speech, the reference to Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy can be seen within the general context of his candidacy, as it was during the aftermath of the storm that Christie's public role garnered national attention. 

Sandy was indeed an unprecedented storm, but not the only one in recent years. Further, we understand that the toll of major destructive events is directly related to our infrastructural readiness for such events. Given the role of the presidency in disaster response and preparedness, we asked

Which states have seen the greatest number of federally declared disasters in recent years? And how are the country's different regions affected by different types of events?