George Pataki Is Running for President

"I'd shrink the size of the federal work force, starting with the bureaucrats overseeing Obamacare, and I'd fire every corrupt IRS employee abusing government power to discriminate on the basis of politics or religion."

On Thursday, May 28, 2015, in Exeter, New Hampshire
Sources: C-Span, campaign web site

The Context: Shrinking the federal work force is the last change Pataki highlighted in a list of immediate actions he would take as president. The common objective of these actions is to stimulate business growth by minimizing the role of government. At several points, his speech also highlighted the importance of national defense, homeland security, and international relations. 

Decreasing the size of government fundamentally includes decreasing the number of federal jobs along with shrinking programs. Federal programs usually translate into jobs at lower levels (state and local) of government as well, designed to administer federal funds closer to home. In light of this and with a mind toward the portions of federal work Pataki emphasized, we asked:

What proportion of American civilians are employed in government jobs at all levels? Are these jobs regionally concentrated or evenly dispersed? For federal jobs, specifically, which lines of work employ the most civilians?