Lincoln Chafee Is Running for President

"We should be increasing our investment and priority in public schools and colleges. This is especially important in some of our cities where there is a gnawing sense of hopelessness, racial injustice, and economic disparity."

On Wednesday, June 3, 2015 in Fairfax, Virginia
Sources: Time, C-Span

The Context: Chafee quickly denounces increased military spending in his announcement speech. Instead, he proposes several domestic priorities he believes Americans see as more important. Education leads a list that includes "infrastructure, health care, environmental stewardship, and a strong middle class." 

Education, generally, is a commonly stated priority amongst the candidates of both parties. Largely, the theme comprises two major components: the accessibility of higher education and the quality of elementary and secondary public schools. In each case, the question of public investment in education is tied to the country's overall economic productivity as well as unequal economic opportunity. In comparison with an earlier atlas entry on Educational Attainment and Earnings, we asked:

To what extent does spending for elementary and secondary schools vary across the country? And what percentage of school systems' funding comes from federal revenue sources?