Rick Perry Is Running for President

"To the one in five children in families who are on food stamps, to the one in seven Americans living in poverty, to the one in ten workers who are unemployed, underemployed, or just given up hope of finding a job: I hear you, you are not forgotten. I'm running to be your president."

On Thursday, June 4, 2015, in Dallas, Texas.
Sources: Time, C-Span

Context: Rick Perry is adamant about sparking a government "reset." In order to restore the hope of "forgotten Americans," he demands that the relationship between citizens and their government must be put into question. Citing the successes of his job creation efforts during his seven years as Governor of Texas, Perry advocates for deregulation and investing in an educated workforce. If he did win the presidency, some of Perry's immediate actions would include: repeal Obamacare, approve the Keystone Pipeline, and begin exporting American petroleum products.

With a mind toward the atlas entries on Federal Welfare Programs, Poverty, and Educational Attainment (maps below, click the links here to read the entries), we considered the emphasis Perry put on real job creation and improved wages and asked

Among working-age Americans, how many are not engaged in the work force at all, and how many are a part of the work force but unemployed nonetheless? Further, which regions of the country are most significantly out-of-work?